My Book

I wrote a book that gives people a different way to understand stress and a new tool to take apart challenges. It features my 7-step process, called Active Insight, that provokes insights on demand, and stories of real people using Active Insight to:

  • improve their marriage (or divorce)
  • lose weight
  • overcome discrimination
  • face addiction
  • resolve workplace challenges
  • resolve grief
  • and more

The book begins by exposing how the modern stress concept was built in the 20th century by one man, and why it’s wrong. Then the reader proceeds through a series of increasingly harder challenges, building greater insight and understanding.

The book was originally called The Myth of Stress when it came out in hardcover. I was trying to suggest that the way we understand stress is based on a mistake, but people (understandably) thought I was saying stress is a myth.

So the paperback was retitled Breaking the Stress Cycle. Amazon is unable to merge the listings, but they’re the same book, with a new title, a new preface, and a few small edits. I read the audiobook version myself.

If you experience stress, it might be worth a read. And if you have read it and found it helpful, it would be great to share a review for the book so others might read it too.