Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Andy has served regularly as faculty at Wharton Executive Education since 2007. He has also taught through MIT Exec Ed, Duke CE, and at dozens of Fortune 500 companies and nonprofits. Below is a selection of representative feedback. For feedback within a specific industry, contact us.

Wells Fargo

“The sessions we programmed were extraordinarily successful. Andy was able to quickly and easily engage leaders, which can be very difficult given our skeptical culture. A Tier 1 leader who is VERY tough with huge time demands stayed for the entire session and made a point to let Andy know that he did a great job. The evaluations are overwhelmingly positive and demonstrate that people were able to learn how to utilize the process and make positive shifts in their thinking/ experience in just a couple of hours. Andy is clearly a rock star executive education instructor who cares deeply about giving people practical tools to improve the quality of their lives.”

Securities Industry Institute

“Year after year, Andy’s sessions are among the top requested and top scoring sessions at the Securities Industry Institute. Andy’s approach and tools to managing challenging situations are relevant both personally and professionally, and attendees leave with actionable takeaways and a changed mindset. It is always a pleasure to read the attendee evaluations from his sessions and see what an impact he had on them in 90 minutes, and Andy is always listed as one of the favorite faculty members of the program.”


An enlightening experience that gave us a new tool to manage work/life responsibilities. It’s a great technique I would recommend to other organizations committed to helping their employees be more productive and balanced.


“This was by far the most useful, provocative, and fascinating seminar I have ever participated in. It’s not nonsense, it’s not a Band-Aid, it’s just smart, tangible, and something that can be implemented across the board.”


“Eye-opening. It’s quite different from other training programs because this is more than just accepting that I can’t change my surroundings. Instead it changes my perspective. Very positive.”

Children’s Hospital Association

“We put Andy in front of our CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CNOs. His work really resonated with our leaders, who found it ‘Tremendously insightful’ and ‘Very well done with practical, take-home tools.‘”

(Read an overview of the program in the CHA newsletter here.)


“Enormously positive, useful, tangible ways of thinking differently, and real ways of solving differences. I feel much more wise at work already. Wishing I had done this when I began my career.”

21st Century Fox

“Groundbreaking. This was the first time I’ve been given a logical, step-by-step process to get from the beginning point to the end point of changed awareness without being intimidating or too New Agey.”