I teach people

an eye-opening
new way

to build stronger families
and teams, without blame,
stigma, or "touchy-feeliness"

About Me

Since 2007, I’ve taught through Wharton Executive Education, where my classes on resilience, well-being, and change have been embraced by thousands of leaders. I also teach extensively within financial services, with a special focus on top financial advisors and their clients. I’m the author of The Myth of Stress and the founder of the Resilience Academy.


I live in New York City with my wife and our two little kids.

My Program

My program looks at:

     • the most important thing for family well-being during challenging times based on the world’s longest study, and why it’s not simply money, health, or even love
     • the most important thing for accelerating “team flow,” also based on data
     • a 7-step process that quickly shifts how individuals, families, and teams handle challenges both personally and professionally — without blame, stigma, or “touchy-feeliness”

Even though it’s virtual, the session is interactive (using a guided worksheet) and gives people an immediate takeaway to face challenges more effectively today and in the future.

And immensely valuable

John M., Chicago IL

Most Webinars Fall Short. Here's Why This One Doesn't:

  • it's Smart

    The session is grounded in data, so even skeptics buy in.

  • it's Practical

    People take away a tool they can apply on Day 1.

  • it's Interactive

    Even through a screen, it's engaging and fast-paced.

  • it's Funny

    I used to write for the Muppets. Hi ho!

  • it's Real

    In the Age of Covid, people want something useful and real.

Let’s Start a Conversation

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