Hi. My name is Andy Bernstein.

I teach people a simple 7-step process to transform challenges faster — from relationships to team dynamics to social issues and more.

My name is Andy Bernstein

I teach people a different way to transform challenges, from relationships to team dynamics to social change and more.

My main site is ResilienceAcademy.com, where you can try (for free) the 7-step process I created. This site is going to host some personal writings, coming soon.

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Where This Approach Came From

I first became interested in handling challenges better as a teenager, when my father and little sister died unexpectedly.

I spent my twenties exploring transformational processes, baking bread, and working as a comedy writer (at one point for the Muppets).

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Which One Keeps You Up at Night?

Personal Well-Being

In a world filled with disruptions, do you know what the most important thing for happiness is? The answer might surprise you…

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Family/Team Dynamics

Families and teams operate in different places, but share a similar recipe for improvement. Here’s how to make them better…

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Broad Social Change

Disruption is everywhere. How can you find greater peace of mind for yourself and help others…

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