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Resilience isn't about toughness. It's about learning to think differently. Andy Bernstein teaches people a simple 7-step process that flips a switch in how you think about challenges, from team dynamics to organizational change to broad social issues. With no jargon, stigma, or "touchy-feeliness," this helps you build resilient, clear-headed, accountable leaders from the inside out. We offer a range of programs from keynotes to team sessions to enterprise-wide virtual training that helps you shift mindset at scale.

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When Andy Bernstein was a teenager, his father and little sister died unexpectedly. Andy spent much of the next 20 years exploring self-help tools, including three years working closely with bestselling author Byron Katie.

In 2004, Andy created a new 7-step process that changes how people understand stress and resilience. He’s taught this regularly through Wharton Executive Education since 2007, as well as at dozens of Fortune 500 companies, helping thousands of leaders live happier lives.

The content can be delivered online or in-person. A typical intro presentation is 60 mins with Q&A. For a video invitation/overview, click the button below.


The most important thing for happiness during challenging times, and why it's not what you think

Where stress really comes from, and why there is no such thing as a stressor

A 7-step process called Active Insight™ that quickly flips a switch in how you think, feel, and behave

How this process can help people have real breakthroughs online with no stigma (you don't even speak)

Just released!

Breaking the Stress Cycle
is out in a new edition.


“An excellent introduction to resiliency. If practiced well, it can tremendously reduce the burden of stress at work and home.”

- Johnson & Johnson

“Useful, tangible ways of thinking differently, and real ways of solving differences. I feel much more wise at work already. Wishing I had done this when I began my career.”

- Citi

“Groundbreaking. This was the first time I’ve been given a logical, step-by-step process to get from the beginning point to the end point of changed awareness without being intimidating or too New Agey.”

- 21st Century Fox

“A clear, concise way to deal with challenges, with practical applications and immediate results.”

- Coca-Cola

“An enlightening experience that gave us a new tool to manage work/life responsibilities. It’s a great technique I would recommend to other organizations committed to helping their employees be more productive and balanced.”

- Patagonia

“This was by far the most useful, provocative, and fascinating seminar I have ever participated in. It’s not nonsense, it’s not a Band-Aid, it’s just smart, tangible, and something that can be implemented across the board.”

- Ogilvy


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