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About Me

Since 2007, I’ve taught through Wharton Executive Education, where my classes on resilience, well-being, and change have been embraced by thousands of leaders. I also teach extensively within financial services, with a special focus on top financial advisors and their clients. I’m the author of The Myth of Stress and the founder of the Resilience Academy.


I live in New York City with my wife and our two little kids. I used to travel a lot. Now I deliver my content virtually, which is less expensive, more convenient, and surprisingly effective.

My Program

My program looks at:

     • what matters most for well-being based on the world’s longest study, and why it’s not simply money, health, or even love
     • how crises or “crucibles” make or break us as leaders and as human beings
     • a 7-step process that quickly shifts how you handle challenges both personally and professionally

Even though it’s virtual, the session is interactive (using a guided worksheet) and gives people a framework and toolkit that can make a real difference in how they face today’s unprecedented challenges.


Click the logos below to read client feedback.

  • General Electric
  • Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Coca Cola
  • Google
  • U.S. Trust
  • Sifma
  • Raymond James
  • RBC Wealth Management

And immensely valuable

John M., Chicago IL

Most Webinars are Boring. Here's Why This One Isn't:

  • it's Smart

    The session is grounded in data, so even skeptics buy in.

  • it's Practical

    People take away a tool they can apply on Day 1.

  • it's Interactive

    Even through a screen, it's engaging and fast-paced.

  • it's Funny

    I used to write for the Muppets. Hi ho!

  • it's Real

    In the Age of Covid, people want something useful and real.

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